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All the ends of the earth
have seen the salvation of our God:
sing joyfully to God, all the earth. – Psalm 98:3

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Diocese of Europe in the Church of England approves the Anglican Covenant

I am very happy to read the news that the Synod of the Diocese of Europe in the Church of England has approved the Anglican Covenant.

The actual motion was:
"This Synod approves the draft Act of Synod adopting the Anglican Communion Covenant"

Unfortunately I can't find the text of what was actually approved by Synod on the site; presumably language here was clear and not qualified.

The votes:
Laity - In favour  20         Opposed 3     Abstentions 0
Clergy - In favour  21         Opposed 1     Abstentions 2
Bishops - In favour  2

An interesting address of Bishop Rowell:

Regarding pressure to hasten the process regarding women bishops in order to "get over it":
"We should not have to address polity and process at the same time."

"To try to provide resolution prematurely, so one side is victorious ... produces no resolution.  That is a recipe for increasing conflict and increasing anger."

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