All have seen

All the ends of the earth
have seen the salvation of our God:
sing joyfully to God, all the earth. – Psalm 98:3

Saturday, June 18, 2011

R.I.P., Punk

Founder of Angle Park Exploitations and cultural commentator Martin Baumgartner alerts us to some clear evidence of culture "moving on":

Martin Baumgartner's moving commentary:

Well, I guess this makes it official. 1975 - 2011. RIP, Punk.
(O'Hare Terminal 3 Starbucks. She's stirring a chai.)

My own obituary:

You were a beautiful thing while you lasted. A bit vile and stinky yes, but many beautiful things are. You were more fragile than you seemed to be; we really should have noticed that more. But protecting you would have been an oxymoron, and would have only hurried your demise.

You were a cute baby skunk that got run over by a Macy's truck. You were a pale, skinny, nasal-voiced drama-queen beauty; squashed by a garantuanly obese paramour in his pursuit of things exotic and weird.

R.I.P., Punk
(The photo itself is the poetry here; not the parting words) 

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